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Change is good!

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“Change is the only constant in life.” I recently resigned my position at Phil’s BBQ. I had a great 5+ year run.

So why the change? Well, throughout my career I have had the pleasure of working with distinguished brands, superb mentors and a countless number of amazing people. It all started after I finished college and I couldn’t find a job in my field. I was “working for free” at a hot dog stand in Chicago cleaning up; filling ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles; and other ...maintenance duties. One night some college friends took me out for a beer. While explaining my plight to them, a man at the bar asked me two important questions, “what are you good at?” and “what do you love to do?” Little did I know; this man would change my life forever. His name was Gary Fencik, an all-pro safety for the Chicago Bears. After answering his two questions, he offered me my first job in the Chicago restaurant industry at his famed restaurant, The Hunt Club. The next 33 years are history. Today, life has come full circle and I answer those same two questions once again, “what are you good at?” and “what do you love to do?” I am a great leader and I love inspiring others.My journey to “Inspire the Next Generation of Leaders” has begun. Together, Debra and I have developed Solomon 2.0 an upgraded version of The Solomon Group, a hospitality / restaurant consultancy which we operated from 1998-2012.I am rejuvenated as a professional; reincarnated as a business and reinvented as a brand. Let’s Get Busy!

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