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Start-ups, entrepreneurs, and owner-operators are our specialty. Every service we provide we consider to be vital to your success. Every deliverable will be impactful driving your strategic goals. The result will be a happier you with a successfully stronger and more vibrant business that will yield higher profits and a better work / life balance.

We assist in every aspect of your Start-Up:

Business plans and pitch decks; Pro-forma budgets; Site selection; Lease negotiations; Construction; Food service equipment and interior design recommendations; Inspections; Pre-opening planning; Menu development; Staff hiring and training; Employee handbooks and training materials; Grand opening details; Accounting and POS system selection and implementation; Develop a strategic marketing plan; Create and implement a rock-solid business culture.

P&L Analysis 

Generating a positive, precise and informative profit and loss statement is not easy. We will do an line-by-line analysis of your P&L and determine areas of improvement. We will also recommend and assist the areas by using our relationships with vendors and knowledge of best practices to improve your position. We will also scrub any unnecessary expenditures and create a structured budget process.

Focus on the "Big 3"- Food Cost, Beverage Program & Labor

Food Cost:

We will create a theoretical food cost and conduct a gap analysis to find out where your shortfall is. Most companies, who are "happy" with their food cost will still find at least 1-2% with a proper theoretical food cost and gap analysis. To lower food cost we will examine portion control, consistency in kitchen processes; food safety concerns; waste and spoilage; recipe construction; and menu builds just to name a few. 

Beverage program:

Many people do not realize how a strategic beer program (draft to bottle ratio, draft selections, pricing, etc..) can lower beer cost. In addition, an exciting liquor and wine program including specialty cocktails and wine can lower beverage costs.


The hike in minimum wage, difficulty in hiring back of the house staff and increasing labor costs in general could be the "kiss of death." We will position your business to get ahead of the curve by developing strong programs and re-development job descriptions to attain higher efficiency and effectiveness with less people. We will also examine with fresh and objective eyes schedules, clock in and out procedures, etc.

Concept Repositioning

You might be wondering, "How do I breathe some life into my business?" Your restaurant has launched and you're successful, but you may experience dips in sales, morale, engagement, cleanliness, and your team is not responding. We are ready to provide some "life support." Sometimes it's some simple coaching and mentoring with your leaders and sometimes it's a top to bottom concept repositioning. We will find the fix. We will re-engage, entice, excite and enthuse your people to create experiences that will re-vitalize your current fan base and generate more fans. 

Brand Management
Do you have a brand filter? What separates the great brands from the "wanna be" great brands? Developing a brand is not easy, but it starts out with the story of your company, the pillars of its founders and the foundation of the culture. Then every decision, every choice, every communication, every interaction, every campaign has to pass through your brand filter. One of those things that sounds easy, but very difficult to execute because of lack of clear, concise and prioritized definition of who you are. Your brand filter conveys an undeniable message of who you are, what you do and, most importantly, why you do it. It drives your reputation, identity and image to your people and your fans. The brand filter creates clarity.

Brand Expansion

It takes a strong, well-develop "people" force to position your brand for expansion. Our Fire Up Coaching is the perfect remedy! 


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