My objective is to impact you and your organization so that our "conversation" leaves a lasting imprint on you, your people and your culture. This is an honest and true passion of mine. I believe in igniting enthusiasm to find what already exists in your organization....the leaders within. My only goal when I speak to your group is to inspire and make a difference to bring change to your people.

I am available for manager meetings, quarterly or yearly company meetings, conventions or key note speaking engagements. Together, we will discuss your goals and then we will work on the topic points. You don't have to pick from a list of topics or themes. Every engaging, thought provoking presentation is based on your desired outcome. I will not be delivering my message, I will be delivering your message. I will preach the roadmap ("the how to get there") to ensure your expected takeaways. 

What People are saying about Howard

"Howard has the amazing ability to instantaneously connect."

'He touched our heart."

"I immediately connected with Howard because he's "one of us" and real".

"He communicates clearly with laser-focused insight, energy, humor and great stories."

"Howard drives the point home."

"I've heard many presentations in my life, Howard is the dean of leadership, people and culture."


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