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8 February 2018

When you invite participation, you ignite enthusiasm by empowering your people to feel part of the solution. Plant the seed and watch your people grow!

31 January 2018

Howard talks with Restaurant Unstoppable Host Eric Cacciatore- Listen to the interview:

How to become a great listener

28 September 2017

“If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” You’ve heard this quote before…right? In our competitive world, most people immediately think of sales, number of units sold, comp sales and so on. I bet, though, the real meaning of this quote is not about the almighty dollar, it’s about PEOPLE. Education gives people the opportunity to learn, create, collaborate and grow. Grow horizontally first then you’ll be ready for vertical growth. “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” ~ Albert Einstein #neverstoplearning #beardofwisdom #solomonleaders #dreambig #illuminatelives #radiatesuccess #findacoach

19 September 2017

Leadership is an action, not a title. If you’re looking for a title, try this one….Chief Listening Officer. Every leader should give themselves this title. You can’t be a great leader without great being a great listener. When listening, “look ‘em in the eye” and pay attention! Be open-minded (consider that what you are hearing might be true, even if it’s to a small degree) and then finally “shhh”! That’s right…be quiet, don’t interrupt, don't make excuses, don't defend yourself and just listen! Listen to understand, not to reply.

15 September 2017

“Never miss a good chance to shut up.” ~ Will Rogers. Listening is simply an opportunity to learn. Learning is simply an opportunity to grow. Growing is simply an opportunity to become a better person. #solomonleaders #dreambig #illuminatelives #radiatesuccess #findacoach #beardofwisdom